Surveys, Getting Paid To Do Surveys

by : billbee31


Now a days almost every large corp. uses surveys in some form. The internet is awash in websites that conduct surveys. Corp. America knows that if you want someone to do something you have to bribe, err I mean pay them. So that is what most companies do. The offer some kind of incentive to the public to take surveys. Because of this some people have been able to make a good living taking surveys.

Most of the people that make a living on surveys however are the ones that sell the information as to where to go to get signed up to take surveys. That in it self it big business on the 'net.

So companies offer cash, others offer prizes, and gifts that can be used, sold on ebay, or whatever. Some offer both prizes and a chance to win large sums of money. So if a person has three or four hours a day, then yes Virginia you can earn a living doing surveys on the 'Net!

After doing research on the subject I have found that it is not necessary to pay someone for information that is free and available on the internet. All you have to do is enter a few search terms into your favorite search engine and boom you got the information. But then it get a little bit more difficult. Once you have the right search term you will then have to wade through the results. That could take days.

So the question is where do you go to get this information? Well fortunately all of the work has been done. And like so many other things on the 'net is being offered freely. Like so many sites on the internet it is a "quid pro quo" I scratch your back you scratch mine. There are a few banners on the site that if clicked on will bring the web owner some income in return for the free information that is being offered. So it is a nice no risk situation.

In all fairness I must say that I have never heard of anyone getting rich filling out surveys, but they have been able to pay the bill! So I suggest if there is anyone that is looking for some extra money, working surveys is a good place to start.
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