Who is Your Ideal Customer?

by : Abgscoach

You have just spent at least an hour with an obviously well-to-do customer. You answer all the questions, point out the best deals, and practically do everything but kiss her feet. In the end, she very politely thanks you for your time, and walks out of the store empty-handed. Meanwhile, other customers have come and gone through the checkout line with a collection of small purchases. Who is your ideal customer?

Professional marketers will tell you not to spend you valuable time on quantity, concentrate on quality. For example: A single mother of two lives on a shoestring budget. "Beth" is very careful in how she spends her limited resources. The household budget does not contain a section for entertainment. However, she does have one vice-a latte.

Although "Beth" can purchase a self-serve latte at the local convenience store for less than half the cost, this mother will actually go out of her way to visit her favorite coffee shop. Although the coffees both taste great, why does she still drive an extra 6 miles to visit that particular store? The answer is easy. She has developed a relationship with the business. She always knows she will get a quality latte for her money, great service, and a little conversation. She is not just an open wallet. She is a loyal customer remembered by name.

Who is your ideal customer? Is it the person with the biggest wallet, or the non-descript individual who purchases a little with every frequent visit. She never asks for your time or service unnecessarily and always has a kind word. She is in the store so often; you are both on a first-name basis.

Instead of spending your time and energy increasing the quantity of potential customers, you need to discover the demographics of the 10% who actually contribute to your bottom line. Then, spend your time, energy, and money, catering to the people who actually give you the lion's share of your business.

So, before spending a fruitless hour on a consumer, because you hope for a large one-time purchase, rethink your preconceived notions, and investigate the source of your good fortune. Is it really the occasional customer who will likely never darken the door again; or, is it the quiet, unassuming individual that you have come to know by name?

Show great customer service to every individual that darkens your door. However, never assume that your ideal customer dresses exceptionally well and obviously exudes a wealthy persona. Your ideal customer is the individual who becomes a loyal patron.