Get Paid by Doing Online Surveys

by : 60capp11

It's true, many people have been earning money while working from the comfort of their own homes. How? Simply getting paid to take online surveys.

You're probably thinking..."No way! Surveys?" That's right! You see, many people still have visions of surveys being those tedious, pain in the butt experiences they're confronted with at shopping malls. You know the ones; you're minding your own business and then you suddenly get ambushed by a person wielding a pen and paper who wants you to give them a few minutes of your time. Well, if you're like me, then your time should be important. Why not get paid for it?

Today, there are plenty of opportunities to get paid to take online surveys. Companies are paying marketing research firms big money to find out people's opinions about their products and these research companies will pay you to take short surveys on a multitude of products.

How Do You Find These Opportunities?

For many newcomers to the paid survey game it's like slicing your way through a jungle. Unsuspecting opportunity seekers have found out the hard way it's a jungle out there. Some have lost money, others have joined unscrupulous operators and ended up on spam lists. There is however, a screening process you can apply to eliminate some of the dangers before you "step in the water."

Get Paid To Take Online Survey Checklist

1. Stick with reputable companies when you first venture online. Greenfield Online is as good as they come and a great way to start a paid survey career.

2. Always check to see if a company has legitimate contact details. Check for phone a number firstly and try it and then an email. Send an email and plan to get a response within 24-48 hours. If not, move on. The same applies if you cannot find legitimate contact details. Move on!

3.Be wary of paying a fee to join a company. There is no need to. If a fee is required then again, move on.

4. Avoid paying for survey databases. You can get the same information for free.

5. Do not disclose personal information. Basic information is required to join most companies but if you are asked for more personal information, sound the alarm bells.

Once you've found your first successful venture you'll gain in confidence and experience. To get paid to take online surveys couldn't be simpler. It's a matter of doing a little due diligence.