Registered Office: Better Ways to Do your Business

by : Darvy Kaitlin

Say, you are a small-time businessman, but are looking for a office address in a commercially reputed area as to give your customers a better impression, registered office address is the recognized way to go about it. In today's business scenario, such an office is of great significance for a business to have a edge over the others. A registered office at the address of a famous place helps to bolster the image of the business firm. This helps to draw more customers due to the higher visibility of the office.

The registered office need not be the place from where the business is run. It is basically the address of a company registered under Companies House. This works as the official address of that company. In UK, one can have this type of office anywhere in England and Wales or even in Scotland if the company is registered there.
Registered office address can be displayed on the front board of the company concerned. A valid postal address which is also well-renowned helps the company in a prompt and reliable reception and delivery of mail correspondence.

From a legal point of view, people in UK need to get a registered company address to run their businesses as well as to keep in closer touch with the Government agencies. This is mandatory and also beneficial to the British overseas residents since it helps them to run their businesses and communicate in UK.

There are many companies in the UK that provide registered office address service to small businesses for a small charge. They may even dispense with the administration fee, mail forwarding fee and postage fee. Their service will be to forward mails received by them to their clients who avail the service from them. But of course, you will have to do enough research to find out the companies who can get you this deal at the minimum rates.