Registered Office : your Business Requires One

by : Darvy Kaitlin

For those who wish to open a new business or run a limited company, Registered office is a stepping stone. This is a mandatory requirement for all kinds of businesses. Although your registered office need not be the place from where you run your business, it should be in a place that has a valid address. You can have such an office in UK, Wales or Scotland.

A registered office is the address you have to register with the Companies House. This address is entered in the public records as well.

The address also needs to be displayed in front of the office on the company signboard. And also the products of the company should have this address on it. the company letterhead must contain

All the official correspondence is carried out at this official address. For example, the mails from government offices to the company are addressed to your official address.

All the mails from Companies Home are sent to this address. The company secretary is supposed to respond to these mails as and when necessary. Any change in office must be informed to the Companies house.

can be a very beneficial proposition for your business. This is so because if you manage to get a registered office in a commercial and a famous area, your visibility is higher and your target customers will come to know of your business. In no time, they may begin to associate your business with the famous address. This is a bit difficult with new small and medium sized companies.

However, the good news is that the registered office address is available with some provider firms at a small charge. This provides a convenient business solution. Not only do they give you a reputable commercial address but mail forwarding services as well.