Why Arent you Creating Wealth?

by : JamesSkinner

Chicken Soup is a good license.

We sell at present nearly 5 million sets of greeting cards a year in grocery stores with American Greeting cards. We have 101 different licenses. We license the number 14 best-selling game of all time, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: The Game.

My book-marketing seminar, "Get the Name Right," is valuable because a good title pays and pays and pays. Our Chicken Soup name and Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus are both great licenses. There are a lot of good names out there.

The guys from the Diamond Pet Food Company came into my office one day: the president, the chairman of the board, and the head of sales, and asked to license our name for use in dog food.

We now sell $2 million worth of dog food month after month, and it's going up because now all the dogs like it. We get 15 percent. Now, am I making the dog food? Am I personally eating the dog food? No. And we have cat food too. You need to have in your mind that you are going to license whatever it is down the line.

How About You?
Why aren't you doing this right now? What are you addicted to that prevents you from doing this? How do you make your income right now? You work. Work at what? Other people's businesses, helping them make money.

That's okay. You get paid. They get paid. But you have to shift your paradigm.

I will show you how to break the addiction. Become very, very good at your work; develop unique skills in your current occupation. Go to your boss and say, "I no longer want to be paid on a salary. What I want is to earn a percentage for the value that I add to the organization."

I have in my personal life right now several streams of income because I became very, very good at something: helping training companies take businesses offshore in the United States. I said, "Do not pay me anything up front. If it works, all I want is a percentage of income coming in from this for X number of years." You gather several of those, and you can make big money while you sleep.

Right now, in many countries around the world I have many people making me money. I haven't had to do anything today except answer a couple of e-mails to assist in this work. That is what I am doing.

What you can do is become really, really good at what you do and, instead of a salary, earn a percentage of the value you add.

Break the work addiction; get a value addiction instead!

Have confidence that you can add the value.