Business Card Printing vs Home Printing

by : Joel Owens

For every 10 business cards that you are able to collect, chances are that 2 of them were printed on ink-jet printers ideally suited for home use. If you have a discerning eye, you would have readily noticed which ones were impressively done by a business card printing company and sadly, those that didn't.

Wouldn't it be quite embarrassing if you're business cards stood out not because of its superior quality, but because of its shabbiness?

Business cards represent you in detail. It embodies you as a professional, whatever it is that you do, within a small piece of printed document. It contains essential information about yourself and usually the company you work for.

But it is not only what is printed on the card that is important. Oftentimes, the subtle details and features of the card create a far greater impression than few care to admit.

Business cards can be home printed. Yet using professional business card printing far out weighs what little merit home printing has. Following is a list of features usually not found on home printed cards.

&bullQuality card stock.
This is typically the most glaring difference between one that is home-printed and one printed by a professional print company. Print companies enjoy bulk discounts on materials they purchase such as ink, card stock and paper stock supplies.

Printing companies can readily supply you premium card stock that are ideal for business cards. You don't have to go guessing which card stock to use and end up messing up your own business cards.

&bullEmboss, Deboss and Die cuts
With printing companies, you have the option to apply embossing, debossing and die cutting to create custom shapes, design and texture to your business cards.

These options generally add elegance and class to your business cards in an unlimited number of ways. Through this, you can also highlight your business cards and allow them to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Emboss creates a raised effect as opposed to deboss which depresses an image below the surface of a material. Die cuts, on one hand, are used to cut cards into clean, precise shapes unlike hand-held cutters you use at home that produce uneven results.

Commercial printers have more access to the right kinds of inks that can reproduce the colors you want. Printers too have spot coloring which adds a very distinct color to business cards. They can measure and buy the right color to be applied to your print.

With professional printers, your business cards can also be printed using metallic inks such as gold, silver, nickel, copper and bronze colors that you want. Home printers cannot compete with that.

Professional business card printing offers many other options such as gilded edges and different types of coating home printing cannot duplicate.

Protective films such as Aqueous coating and UV coating makes the card more durable and more brilliant. Matte finish is also available and provides that smooth, elegant appeal to your business cards.

Quality business card printing requires special press equipment that home-printers will never imitate. And with the printing company's expertise, you'll never go wrong with commercial business card printing.

Order your business cards online and stop torturing yourself and your printer. There's only so much that your home printer can handle, and a thick card stock may not suit its palate. With just a click of a mouse, you can enjoy business card printing without being hassled.