Internet Home Business - Pros And Cons

by : regina

It is less stressful having an internet home business. No need to be out in the rush traffic to get to and from work. You do not have to get up early to make it in time. You are your own boss and you can decide your working hours and how much you want to put into it. However, there are pros and also cons to this.


You save time not having to get dressed for work and making the trip to and from the office. You can have a quick breakfast and get to work after that or you might want to do a quick check at the PC before you have a leisurely breakfast.

You might want to sleep late but work into the wee hours of the morning. This is especially good for some people who just are not morning people.

You do not have a boss to answer to. You decide on your plans and go at the pace that you want to.

Probably the best part of the deal is once you make your breakthrough in making money in your internet home based business, whatever you make is all yours.

There is no starting age for this job and no retirement age.


Since you are your own boss, it is so easy to decide that you will have that extra snooze in the morning. Or you might want to watch some television. There is no one to go after you if your work is not finished. You have to be self-disciplined.

There is the other extreme where you get stuck to the PC and end up not spending time with the family. Or home chores may get ignored as you get absorbed in your work.

There could also be interruptions from family members or other distractions like the television. If you are seated in a room where the television is on, you might just get attracted to the show that is on and decide to watch it.

For beginners in the home based internet business, there is also the concern of when you will start making money.

You also get bombarded with all kind of offers and claims on how you can make millions and end up purchasing items over the internet. You could end up spending more than you should.

When working at home, you also miss the company of office colleagues. Aside from the fun, there are times when team discussions are very helpful.

Having said all this, the pros of the internet home based business outweigh the cons.

You decide on the degree of success. If you need to have discussions, form a team of people with similar interests and you can brainstorm and have discussions with them. You also have the advantage of forming different teams based on your projects.
Sure you need discipline, but this is also something that you need in an office environment.

Having said all this, many people start with their internet home business while they still hold full time jobs. Only when they hit a degree of success do they go into it full time. There are, of course, some who totally give up on their office jobs. This will certainly be a challenge especially if the money does not roll in.