Do You Know How To Get Your Pond Ready For Winter?

by : Christopher Smith

With this guide, you will be prepared to winterize a water garden pond.? Make sure that you follow each step to ensure the health of your plants and fish.? It should be easy and quick to maintain a healthy water garden pond.

This is a guide for those with a soft pond liner.? If you have a hard pond liner, you have many less steps to take, which can be found easily online.? Make sure that you check which type of liner you have before you begin to winterize your pond.

First, you need to remove half of the pond's water.? To do this, you will need to disconnect your pump, and reconnect the water to another hose that pumps away from your pond.? This is going to make the rest of your steps much easier, by making it easier to see.

Next, you must remove your potted plants, an important step when winterizing a water garden pond.? You must also trim your plant, to ensure that the leaves will not die over the winter and fall into the water, dirtying your pond and creating an unhealthy environment for the fish.

If any of your plants need repotting, hold off until the spring.? Repotting in the fall will weaken your plant.? If you have water lilies, they must be cut to their base, and should also not be repotted until the warmer spring to ensure their health.

Your next step is to catch your fish, and place them in buckets filled with pond water.? This will make your next step, removing any debris, much easier.? Make sure to remove it all for the health of your fish, but remember you can use it as mulch!

Next, place your plants back in the pond.? Leave them in at least one and a half feet of water that will remain under the freezing line.? As long as you have hardy plants, and your water is at least three feet deep, they will survive.? Next, you can return your hose to its pump.

Your final step is to return your fish to their pond.? Feed them until the temperature hits fifty, and then commence with feeding again when the temperature hits fifty five.? Keep a hole in the ice all winter, created by heatFree Reprint Articles, and not with a hammer.? And that is how you winterize a water garden pond!