A Guide To Master Bedroom Remodeling

by : Jamesredder

One of the most pleasing decorating makeovers you can carry out is that of remodeling the master bedroom because this is a room where people spend a great deal of their lives but it can easily be more than just a place to sleep. When the bedroom is a good size it provides more versatility to enjoy it in other ways a place to relax in during the day or evening and not just at night. In Europe of course, in particular, France and Italy, the master bedroom has always had a more sensual feel it.

The main aspect of change if you remodel your master bedroom in to a more sensual place is the color scheme and you can achieve this by using shades of red, cream and peach. Of course to improve upon this and enhance the atmosphere further you will need the subtle use of mirrors and candles along with some beautiful tropical plants; I am sure you can see the appeal to this already. Although there are people that like to read in their master bedroom whether it is on the bed itself or in a relaxing chair this is not a new idea as it has been practiced for centuries when people spent more time in their bedroom.

Be sure to provide enough light for reading, which can be done without having to flood the room with harsh reading lights by placing softer lighting throughout the room. The colors used when you create this type of bedroom are paramount for it to work well, so use shades of antique amber or slate blue for example. If you are trying to achieve a sanctuary effect when remodeling the master bedroom, then soft pillows, luxurious throws, landscape paintings and mirrors will promote private reflection.

If you add the comfortable chair and a standing lamp then you will have a retreat that also doubles as a reading room. When remodeling a master bedroom this way, i.e. designed to create a place where you retreat from the world and unwind, it should provide feeling of total privacy which can be improved by displaying photos of friends, family, and places you love. To create a room where you will feel relaxed and have a good nights sleep then you will need to use darker shades of brown and blue, natural woodland and forest colors also work well.


Where space is not a problem then by placing a small television or writing desk, it can make the master bedroom feel like a place that you can completely retire to. If you are going this far then why not add a mini fridge and drink making facility which could turn your bedroom into a the equivalent of a personally designed hotel suite. Unlike other rooms in your home, remodeling the master bedroom can be allowed a great deal of flexibility; however, beware you don't go too far and find that once in there you don't have much of a reason to leave it.