25 Main Windows Vista Features

by : Aaron Brooks

The whole world is waiting with expectancy for the arrival of Windows Vista and its promised delights. And, in the meantime, techies speculate and debate on what to expect, what the hurdles will be, and more.

Microsoft has been promoting Windows Vista as having features that provide a unique experience. The system is aimed to be user friendly and dynamic. Microsoft has worked on Vista at two levels; they have updated existing windows features and introduced new features. Among the many features of Windows Vista are the following gleaned from published documentation, blogs, and releases by Microsoft.

1.The interface is said to be state of art and has been called Aero, authentic, energetic, reflective, and open. User friendly, the interface is touted to be cleaner, streamlined, and aesthetic.

2.The windows shell for Vista is expected to reach for new standards in operating systems. The organization, navigation, and search capabilities are all user friendly and fast. The tool bar and one click access are devised to speed up operations.

3.Instant search is expected to revolutionize the system. Search boxes are integral to many applications.

4.Desk top gadgets positioned on the right hand side of the screen will enable users to view sports scores, weather, and other interesting things while continuing to work on the main screen.

5.The Media Player is expected to have great new features like graphic interface, photo display, systematic organization, and compatibility with Xbox360 and other media players.

6.The internet explorer, aimed to be genx, is expected to have a new user interface, tabled browsing, search box, easy printing, tabs, zoom, and other on tab functions. The system hopes to have advanced security protection and improved web standards support.

7.State of art back up and restore functions will enable users to schedule back ups of files. The system is designed such that back ups are incremental and only new material is backed up saving space as well as making the system easy to use. The "complete PC backup" will create an image on the entire system onto the hard disk or a DVD. In case there is a break down the "complete pc backup" will recreate the entire system.

8.Outlook express has a new avatar, Windows Mail. And, according to those in the know the system is reliable and can actually filter junk mail.

9.Updates of software and security systems in the new system will be through a control panel. There will be no need for any web applications.

10.In Windows Vista parents can have greater say in what the children can use and access. This system is designed to protect kids from exposure to violence and porn.

11.Windows vista has features that will enable computer access through handhelds and mobiles even if the computer if off.

12.Vista has multiple language speech recognition which will allow dictation and activation of commands.

13.Gaming with Vista has raised expectations of avid gamers. New graphics, better display features, and ease of use means faster gaming and more thrills."

14.The photo gallery in vista has great new applications. It will function as a photo and movie library and be compatible with all kinds of devices. In windows vista this will tag and rate photos, make adjustments in color and exposure, create effects and burn slideshows to DVDs.

15.The Vista DVD maker will create DVDs from existing content.

16.The system permits sharing of files and applications. Vista's Windows Meeting space promoted P2P applications.

17.Vista is designed to think. Super Fetch a memory management strategy studies user usage and retains pages in accordance to popularity. High priority content is retained in memory by detection of troublesome memory usage patterns.

18.Windows Vista is expected to have a ready boost, a flash device that extends disk caching capabilities. This will enable use of USB 2.0 flash drives, SD cards, or compact flash cards. This innovation is expected to lend a performance level that is 8-10 times higher than at present.

19.A touch screen is expected to be a part of Vista.

20.Disk partitions in Vista are designed to prevent data loss.

21.The task manager as well as task scheduler in Vista is being revamped to provide better computing.

22. Extensive focus is on security which has been a problem with Microsoft operating systems. In Vista the aim is to provide security at all levels of operation and the system includes an advance security firewall, a defender, as well as a phishing filter among other security measures. The innovations are all set to give a new definition to windows security.

23.Vista's premier interface, Windows Aero will lend 3D graphics, great animation, visual effects, and translucence to videos, games, and other applications that have graphics.

24.The Vista developer technologies are many and are expected to include .Net framework version 3.0, a new user interface system among others.

25.Vista based on a new interface will support many features like WIM image format, group policy settings, and network file systems, that will ease the working of businesses

While techies and others are waiting to see how Vista functions, in actuality there are several concerns surfacing regarding costs, user account control, hardware requirements, digital rights management, security, and the similarities to the Mac OS X.