Florida Mortgage Brokers

by : Ken Marlborough

A good place to start looking for mortgage brokers in Florida is in your local chapter of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers. To be a member, a broker must have passed a qualifying examination and be licensed in Florida. A good broker is typically one who can offer you mortgage options that work best for you, while negotiating with lenders on your behalf for the best deal. Brokers also need to be aware of property prices, particularly in the area you are thinking of buying a home.

If you plan to use a broker, try and find one who is a full-time professional and licensed in Florida. Avoid any broker who avoids entering into a written contract; a licensed broker is required to have a written contract with a client. Brokers are required by law to state in the contract any fees they may charge and any fees they may receive from the lender. Because brokers earn some fee for mortgages they help negotiate, ask your broker about what these fees are and to explain how the points system, which is a form of brokerage fees, works for the mortgage you are considering. If the contract with your broker requires that you pay a good faith application deposit, this must be placed in an escrow account.