Mortgage Note Brokers

by : Steve Valentino

There are several brokers who help people to sell and buy mortgage notes. They match people who want to sell their note with people who want to buy that note. Their professional fee is paid entirely by the note buyer. The real estate notes are today a massive industry, worth more than $400 billion.

Mortgage brokers are independent contractors who usually shop for loan applications amongst lenders to find the most attractive term for a borrower. Mortgage brokers offer loan products of multiple vendors. These multiple vendors are known as wholesalers. The mortgage broker gets paid for his services by the lender.

Mortgage brokers do not lend; they primarily counsel borrowers on the problems involved in qualifying for the loan. Brokers also help by compiling all the documents that are required for the transaction. This reduces delays in the loan processing.

Mortgage notes are usually produced by banks or mortgage companies. The federal government secures these notes. There are several agents who facilitate the sale of existing private mortgage notes or commercial mortgage notes. These agents or service providers can easily arrange for point of sale funding, commonly known as table funding or simultaneous closing. This enables the seller and the agent to offer financing to their buyers, without taking the trouble of securing their bank lines of credit.

While issuing mortgage notes, agents or service providers look at the type of property, location of the property, the way in which the mortgage is structured, and the credit history of the buyers. These elements essentially dictate the guidelines for the valuation of the mortgage note. The more information given to the service agent, the better they can evaluate the right transaction for sellers. To collect information, service providers usually seek information by E-mail, fax or telephone.