Atlanta Mortgage Lenders

by : Jimmy Sturo

Atlanta mortgage lenders grant home mortgages to borrowers through the mediation of the Atlanta mortgage brokers. Some online lenders include Acworth, Adairsville, Albany, Alma, Augusta, Blackshear, Blue Ridge, Cartersville and more. Lenders are subjected to regulations to issue home loans at fair interest rates and may charge higher rates if borrowers have bad credit scores.

Mortgage Lenders Network USA, Inc (MLN), since its inception in the mid 90's, has grown to the 20th largest Alt-A/Non-conforming lender in the country with five broker offices located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Connecticut. It maintains a wide network with domestic mortgage brokers to serve the borrowers of Atlanta. This Association generates more than $250 million of fixed and adjustable rate loans per month. It also provides a wide range of products to the home mortgage market.

A borrower should be very careful when dealing with lenders. When there is downfall of in the lender's business and a continuous rise in interest rates, they may force the borrower to purchase the house.

Generally Atlanta mortgage lenders encourage buyers to opt for loans with higher interest rates because apart from the regular commission, they can earn an additional 1 to 2 percent of the loan. Atlanta mortgage lenders are required to give a good faith, detailed and itemized estimate of the closing costs of the borrower according to Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) when the borrower hands over the loan application.

Sometimes lenders may give pre-approval to the borrower for the home mortgage without verifying the information on the application. These are called wastebasket approvals. Borrowers should be wary of these. If the borrowers pay their principal amounts early, those amounts will be credited in escrow. In order to avoid complications, Atlanta mortgage industry has set down rules and regulations according to federal laws.