Mortgage Brokers, Learn About The Pay Option Arm

by : Andrew Poletto

Below is an excerpt of the E-book The ARM Factor: The Guide To Understanding and Selling the Pay Option Arm.?

I wanted to put this out there so others can get a taste of my writing style (and of course some self promotion).?? I also have a FREE weekly newsletter called “The Mortgage Mailbag" where I answer questions and give advice, in my own words, on the Pay Option Arm and the mortgage business in general.?

So, without further ado, here is the excerpt:

…By working in different areas of our industry and seeing what I saw, mainly the lack of understanding and lack of product knowledge, I was compelled to write about my favorite kind of product.?

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “there’s the catch, he’s going to make us believe his ways and beliefs are the best, this is a waste of my time."??

All I have to say is keep reading.? The proof is in the pudding.?????

Great, let’s move on.

The purpose of this book is not to get everyone to drink the Kool-Aid and change to my way of thinking.??

The purposes of the book are several:

-To open your eyes and mind to different and creative ideas.

-To make you think a bit

-To, hopefully, help you develop a more rounded business in this industry of mortgages.

But mainly, the purpose is to give you a better understanding on a mortgage product referred to as the “Option Arm".??

This “Option Arm" thing has several names:? I’ve heard the term Power Option; Cash Flow Loan; Pick-a-Payment; MARM; Freedom of Choice Loan, and Interest Only (although this one is an offspring of the subject loan), just to name a few.

But for the purposes of this book, I’m going to call it “The Loan".?? Again, I don’t want to use a term that only one particular lender uses.?? I want to focus on concepts, not lenders.

Why?? Because, in my opinion, this is the best product on the planet…period.?

I don’t care which lender you use, which index you use, the concepts are mainly the same.

So, don’t get hung up on any particular Lender because there are pro’s and con’s to all of them.? This is a PRODUCT based book, not a lender based book.

This book is designed to be an easy read, while giving the reader knowledge his or her competition may not have.

If using techniques and ideas presented, this book should give you a better understanding of how to make more money in this business as a loan originator by utilizing The Loan, which is why we’re here in the first place, right?

Which brings me to another reason I’m writing this book.?? I’m saying this here and now because there are a few people saying “if he wants to help brokers understand and sell this product, why doesn’t he give his book away?"??

There’s a simple answer, but I want you to understand it without me spelling it out for you…

When you write a loan, do you do it for free??

Do you charge people a broker fee and/or origination fee??

Do you get yield spread??

Why don’t you just give them the loan?? You want to help people, don’t you?

Keep this in mind, if you’re spending big bucks on marketing yourself or your broker shop, why not invest a bit on knowledge and training as well?

Get my point??? GoodArticle Submission, let’s move on…

This has?been an excerpt from the E-Book? The ARM Factor: The Guide to Understanding and Selling the Pay Option Arm.? Check out the author’s bio for more info.