Get Rich Quick? Take A Hike!

by : pmegan

Those magic words: Get Rich Quick! We've all seen them. We've all fallen for them . . . especially if we're interested in building an online home-based business.

So, you're serious about setting yourself up in an internet home-based business? Good choice!

Why? Because the opportunities for earning extra income using your computer are exciting. There are more of them available right now than ever before in the history of the internet. And while the promise of "get rich quick" is alluring, it's definitely not the way to go.

By that I mean if you think that, with a few strokes on your computer, you're going to be rolling in cash . . . well, you're better off not even getting started. Because you'll be terribly disappointed. Now, I'm not saying you can't make good money with a home-based internet business. But a get rich quick program is just not in the cards, no matter how tantalizing.

There are several important reasons for this.

1. A business . . . any business . . . requires a commitment of time, energy and dollars. If you're not ready for that, then save yourself a lot of heartache.

2. Finding or creating a product or service that you're passionate about will give you the motivation to stay the course, even when you're frustrated.

3. The bulk of your time and dollars will be spent marketing and selling your product or service. Now, I know a lot of folks cringe at the idea of having to sell something. Fortunately there are some excellent turnkey business programs that virtually automate that process. But it's still up to you to stay on top of it and make it grow.

4. The rewards are in the numbers. With an online business you have to work at generating important numbers. Like the number of visitors to your site. If no one is looking at your product or service you can't generate sales. And you won't make any money.

5. Quality customer service is usually not part of a get rich quick scheme. But, in any business the customer is king. Developing a happy and loyal customer base doesn't happen quick. But without it you're dead in the water.

So, when you're considering the exciting world of home-based internet businesses you want to venture into it with your eyes open. Having said that, you should know that there are some marvelous opportunities out there.

I particularly recommend e-businesses because they are inexpensive to set up and the good ones are largely automated so you don't have to be a technical genius to get up and running. Here's where the "quick" of get rich quick can work in your favor.

But you also have to be on your guard against scams. If an e-business proposal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If you tell the get rich quick schemes to take a hike . . . if you do your homework and proceed with intelligence, you can reasonably expect to fatten your bank account with extra cash.