Now what? Things to do after a garage sale

by : virawan

After all has been done and sold, you can now sit back, relax and count the fruits of your hard-earned garage sale labor -- or not.

After finally getting rid of all that clutter, at the same time earning a bit of cash on the side, don't think that this is the perfect time to throw your weight around.

There are many things to do right after a garage sale. The following are the to-do lists you should fulfill right after a successful garage sale.

Clean it up

Of course, it is a dirty job but someone has to do it, eventually. Delaying clean up further could result in problems and further procrastination, adding more unnecessary clutter to your space.

The best thing to do in order to go through a clean up is by taking stock of everything that happened in the sale, over a cup of coffee perhaps. Take this opportunity to also relax. It was a hectic and busy day after all, though it was very productive.

Make sure to also keep those proceeds in a place that is safe. This allows you to proceed through clean up with no distractions and stay focused. Doing so could also help you comply with regulations that require garage sale owners to immediately take down signs after finishing a sale.

Now you are free

After a garage sale, nothing beats the feeling of a house that is more spacious and free from unnecessary clutter. The money earned is really a bonus. Enjoy it, or better yet, keep it.

Keep promises and commitments

A post-garage sale is no excuse to forget earlier commitments and promises. As much as possible, try to return any ladders borrowed or items used. This is also the time to claim back the space used in the garage sale or any pile of stuff that used to occupy a whole room or a closet. Reclaim back this space, it is yours to conquer in the first place.

It is never too early to think of your next garage sale

After a garage sale, it is always best to think of the things done right and things done wrong. These details are a great way to make the next garage sale a perfect one.

All in all, a garage sale is an opportunity to make your trash other people's treasures. Make it work for you.