Greenfield Online--A Paid Survey Site Comparison

by : Jennifer Hall

If you've done enough web browsing, looking for ways to make a little cash online, the idea of getting paid for surveys has probably come up. The great thing about it is, it's truly an easy way to make some cash, and it's legitimate. As a member of over 80 paid survey sites, with my own site recommending the best of these sites, I have come to know a good survey site from a bad one. And I do believe that Greenfield Online is one of the best.

One reason being that if you check their site every few days, you can always expect to find new surveys, and can expect to get paid cash for a lot of them. The way it works is you go to their site and choose from a list of available surveys, fill it out (most take me less that 10 minutes - these are some of the easiest, shortest surveys out there), and in most cases, if you're one of the first thousand people, you get $1 for the survey. Although I've seen others that pay $2-$10 to the first 500 or thousand people...if I'm on the ball and check the site regularly, I'll easily get $2 for a survey here and there. On average, if you check back often, you can expect to easily make $10 in less than a couple of months, and usually for a very short amout of time taking the surveys. It may not seem like much, but considering that most surveys generally just take a few minutes, it's really worth it. Especially if you combine that with active membership in a few other good survey sites.

The surveys can literally be over anything, if it's being marketed, it's possible that a survey over it will be available - from food to movies to banking. They, as well as most other survey sites, cover it all. However food seems to be the most prevalent.

The layout of the site is nice and professional, with attractive, rounded, and green design. It's very easy to navigate. The feel is always friendly and there's no need to wait until your account reaches a certain amount - you can request a check at any time. Even if you never check back, you will get email survey opportunities occasionally, making it as convenient for you as possible.