About UK Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

by : Simon Burgess

UK mortgage payment protection insurance isn't the easiest of products to work out for yourself and unless you know the ins and outs of mortgage payment protection insurance then you could find yourself holding a policy that you wouldn't be able to claim against in your time of need.

UK mortgage payment protection insurance is taken out to ensure that if you should come out of work after suffering from an accident, sickness or unemployment through involuntary redundancy then you will still have an income with which to get you through this time without adding stress to an already stressful time.

If you go to a standalone provider then they will ensure that you are given all the essential information regarding the key facts in a UK mortgage payment protection insurance policy and will also make you aware of the exclusions which exist in all mortgage protection policies.

A UK mortgage payment protection insurance policy will pay out providing that you meet the circumstances of a policy and it suits your needs. If you are self-employed, retired, are only working part time or suffer from a pre-existing medical condition then you would not be eligible to claim.

If a policy is suited to your needs then it would begin to pay out after you have been out of work usually for 30 days or more. It would then continue to pay out a tax free income for up to 12 months and with some providers for up to 24 months; however you have to check the small print in a policy to ensure that it meets you needs.

One of the biggest reasons when it comes to mis-selling of payment protection is a lack of information and this was the main reason why the Financial Services Authority fined several well known financial organizations after it was found that they didn't have the consumer's best interest at heart when selling UK mortgage payment protection insurance policies. If you want to be sure that UK mortgage payment protection insurance is right for you then shop around for the best, and the cheapest, quote for you.