Categorizing Items for the Garage Sale

by : virawan

When things are stored in the attic or in the garage and are no longer used, these possessions are known as junk. Since there is limited space at home and more will accumulate in time, it would be a good idea to get rid of them.

Some people see discarding old things which are still usable as throwing away money. There is another way to do this and make money at the same time that is through a garage sale.

Before a garage sale, these items should be categorized. The task of segregating will be challenging so it is best to set some time to determine if it will kept or sold.

In order not to make a mess in the garage or in the living room, it would be a good idea to buy some cardboard boxes. Some grocery stores give them away for free which is usually located at the back of the establishment.

The reason why boxes are needed is because there is no telling how much junk is in the attic and the garage. The family members can also scan each room for things that can be part of the sale to make the home roomier.

Someone should write down the items on a piece of paper. An inventory can then be compiled in alphabetical order or by product to keep track of everything. A few examples could be clothes, furniture, toys, kitchenware and linens which are the most common things that are changed in the home.

The value of these goods varies so another way of categorizing everything will be by the price. All the toys that are 25cents and below can be in one box while linens that are $10 and below in another.

If the garage sale is a two day event, the layout during the first day can be changed so that customers who missed a box can go over it again and perhaps buy something. This can also reduce the inventory if not that much was sold the day before.

Having a garage sale is like Macy's or any other retail outlet selling everything for 50% off. The homeowner should categorize and fold often since there will be a lot of chaos when it is held at home.

By being prepared and with a little help from family and friends, this event will be success.