Assessing the Garage Sale Inventory

by : virawan

According to a consumer survey, many Americans hold garage sales for two reasons. The first is to get rid of the old junk to pave the way for new things that are about to be delivered to the home. The second is so that the resident doesn't have to bring their old stuff along when moving to a new house.

Before thinking of having this event in the home, some time must be set aside to check all the items stored in the garage or in the attic. If no one in the family thinks these items are needed anymore, then an inventory can be done.

This document will serve as a guide of the number of items sold during the sale. When something on the list has been purchased, it should be crossed off the list.

This will also act as a matrix to prevent any problems with the pricing since many customers will pick up things and not return them to the original box which gets the value of the goods all mixed up.

The paper should have a description of the merchandise, the quantity if there is more than one and the price. It would be a good idea to put this on a clipboard with a pen in case the price needs to be changed or if it has already been sold.

It is a good idea not to bring all the items out when the event begins. This will prevent unexpected incidents of theft from happening. More stuff should only be brought out when the quantity of what is in the selling area decreases so that it can be replenished and customers can look for other good bargains.

The homeowner should also get the assistance of family members, volunteers or friends to keep watch since it will take some time before they can be brought out and to answer any questions coming from those who are checking out the garage sale.

Even before the garage sale starts, the list of merchandise can give you an idea of how much money can be made. If this has reached perhaps 70 to 80 percent, then this was a success.

The remaining items in the inventory can be given to neighbors if they are interested. If there is still some remaining, it can be donated to charity so that those who need it can use it.