Remortgage to Reduce Your Debt

by : James Copper

Its ten oclock at night. The kids are in bed and youre ready to relax. Until The phone rings. You sigh. Its the creditors again, youre just certain of it. So you allow the machine to answer for you. Mrs. Jones, we need to talk about the bills you owe. Will it never end?

This type of scenario regularly occurs around the globe on a nightly basis. Even though our economy is generally bullish, personal debt is at an all-time high thanks to maxed out credit cards.

Thus, if youre looking for a way to consolidate your many bills, why not consider remortgage as an option?

Remortgage is the process of switching your current mortgage to a new lender who can offer you a lower interest rate. Thats fine, you may say, But how does that help with my existing debts?

Basically, your new financial institution may also give you the opportunity to borrow enough money to pay off your creditors. Alternately, your lender may have a program to help you consolidate all your bills.

Will you still have to pay off all you owe? Absolutely. However, you wont have to pay out as much each month, and that means youll have more to save or to put towards the principle of your remortgage.

For example, if all your bills, including your mortgage, add up to around 1,000 each month and you only bring in 900, youre bound to get further and further behind on payments. In the end, this can wind up with disastrous consequences, including repossession of your home or the need to file for bankruptcy.

However, if you remortgage your property with one of the many lenders who can offer you significantly reduced interest rates if you consolidate all your current debts, you may only need to pay out 800 per month. This means you have an extra 100 to save or put towards the principle amount of your remortgage.

With this kind of a set-up, you can get and stay out of debt, stop the endless phone calls from angry creditors or collection agencies, and eventually rebuild your credit history.

Best of all, the process of getting a remortgage is relatively simple and may even be easier than when you obtained your first mortgage. Though it should take a few weeks to settle all the financial arrangements, itll typically fairly simple and the paperwork is relatively easy-to-understand.

You can also choose a remortgage lender thats not in your locality or even your country, thanks to the power of the Internet. When researching someone to conduct your remortgage transaction, check out several institutions interest rates and consolidation package offerings. Make sure you understand all the terms before you sign, but be open-minded. If you get the best rates from a legitimate remortgage lender that isnt in your region but has an outstanding track record, dont be afraid to pursue a relationship.

Remember a remortgage just might be your ticket to making sure the phone only rings with calls from friends and family.