Packing Up the Necessary Garage Sale Kit

by : virawan

Holding a garage sale simply translates to a series of preparation and planning. And one of the things you have to consider when setting up a garage sale is the things you are going to need for its success. You might need to go to the nearest office supply store and look for these important items:

1. Garage Sale Signs. An all-weather garage sale sign complete with arrows is what you are going to need to post these all over the area. These signs are essential because it is part of your advertising strategy. You need to inform people of the upcoming event. These signs would also help directing customers to your place.

2. Markers. Markers are important because you need to add important details to your signs like the address, the date, and the time with which the garage sale will take place. Get a felt-tip marker which is big enough for fine easy strokes.

3. Price labels and tags. You will be putting prices on your commodities, and you've got to place it somewhere. Buying price tags or price stick-on labels should be next on your list of supplies. These tags will facilitate the buying and the selling of your items.

4. Tracking Sheet. If you wanted to make an inventory of whats sold and what didn't at the end of the day, this sheet is going to be crucial. All items for sale will be listed here. All you have to do is to update each item as you collect payments for each. This is also going to be helpful if you have consigned items coming from other family members and friends.

5. Table Cards. For special items, maybe you'd like to put up a card on the table showing customers of the features of the said item. This could be old camera kits, old baby toys and other electronic products that customers maybe curious of knowing more about.

6. Carrying Bags. You'll have shoppers that just dropped by to see what you've got for sale. These shoppers won't necessarily have bags to put their purchases in, so be prepared for these instances. Some shoppers would also prefer to their items in a separate carrier.

Here are just some of the things you might need for your garage sale. Shop for these things and you would sure hold a highly successful, a well prepared, and a less tiring garage sale.