Refinancing Mortgage: Low Payment And Low Interest Rates

by : Rony Walker

Those seeking a financial alternatives are often caught thinking that low payment refer to low interest rates. They should be aware that low interest rates vastly differ from low payment. With this in mind, they can veer away from dubious loan agents who will rush them to a new mortgage with high interest rates and add-on fees.

Watch What They're Saying

When it comes to prices and fees, the words "50% off" or "slashed prices" can hook the bargain hunters. The same happens to individuals looking for an affordable refinancing mortgage program. There seems to be confusion because people think that "low" fees or "no closing fees" are for real or even applies to the interest rates.

Unscrupulous companies use these kinds of teasers to lure would-be borrowers, making them believe that they're getting a good deal. And before they can make up their minds, they are maneuvered into an ARM. A month after the contract takes effect, the borrowers are jolted awake to a nightmare. The interest rate has adjusted to a higher rate, and they are paying the fees that were supposed to be non-existent.

If you see these attractive offers, veer away from these companies. Their offers do not add up. Analyze this - the attorney who works on the legalities of the closing of the contract has to be paid. Would the company pay for it from their own pockets? Of course not. They'll have to get the money from you - lumped into your refinance mortgage loan.

Low Payment

A low payment for a refinancing mortgage loan is not about a new mortgage with low interest rates. The said low payment refers to the fees involved in the processing of the loan. You may be paying for the following: origination fee, loan discount or points, appraisal fee, credit report fee, lender's inspection fee, mortgage insurance application fee, assumption fee, underwriting or documentation, mortgage insurance, annual assessment, title charges, and settlement or closing fee.

Borrowers going to the mortgage company should have ready cash on hand to pay for fees that can run in the hundreds of dollars and more. This confirms that refinance is not cheap, nor getting any cheaper. Borrowers should indeed be ready with cash to get more cash. So a low payment mortgage should be reviewed carefully.

Low Interest Rates

Interest is the payment on the money borrowed by the lender. This is how mortgage companies earn their keep. At this time, interest rates are at their lowest and a refinancing mortgage loan is highly recommended, but borrowers should be warned that mortgage companies are stricter with their requirements.

Borrowers can get lower interest rates for their mortgage if they have good credit scores, have been paying the first mortgage amortizations on time, and have a 20% equity on their homes. If you are facing an ARM reset, get a refi to switch to a fixed-rate mortgage. A refinancing mortgage scheme offers you this chance and the opportunity for a cash-out option if you're qualified.

Low Fees and Low Interest Rates

Do take some time to do a little bit research on lower fees and lower interest rates. Some companies do charge lower fees, but find out if these are added up to your monthly amortization payment. Who wouldn't want to pay low fees for a refinancing mortgage and enjoy lower interest rates?