Looking For Business Property Mortgages

by : Sean Horton

If you are looking for property in order to start your business or to expand a successful business then you will need to look at business property mortgages. Of course you will want to pay the least possible for your mortgage and unless you know where to look you could find yourself paying over the odds for your loan. In order to be sure you have the best deal and get off to the best start you should consider going to a specialist website.

A specialist website will be able to work with you and lenders to make sure that they find you business property mortgages to compare that are tailored to your particular circumstances. The amount of interest that you will pay for the loan will vary on your circumstances including the type of business you have. Not all lenders will allow you to borrow and certain businesses are disqualified with some lenders. A broker will be able to steer clear of such lenders and go with those who can offer you a cheap rate of interest.

While the rate of interest varies on business property mortgages and will depend on your circumstances they usually fall between 1% and 7% plus the base rate from the Bank of England. As just 1% can make a huge difference to the amount you pay you want the cheapest of course. Lenders will usually offer borrowers the choice of either a fixed interest rate or a variable rate. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and again taking advice is essential in understanding them.

Taking out a fixed rate business mortgage will mean that your mortgage repayments will remain the same for a certain length of time. This is usually around 3 to 5 years and then your mortgage will revert to a variable rate. While you enjoy the luxury of low payments even if the base rate rises slightly your repayments can suddenly shoot up considerably. With the fixed rate of interest you also have to watch out for early repayments fees being added in. This means that if you choose to remortgage within a fixed period of time you would face a penalty and this can be a considerable one.

A variable rate means that the interest rate will fluctuate in line with that of the base rate. If the base rate goes up your loan will cost more and if it should drop then so do your monthly loan repayments. The initial interest rate is usually lower than that of the fixed but after this it is pot luck and causes problems for those who need to restrict their budget.

Of course there is much more to consider and take in when comparing business property mortgages. While you do pay broker fees for the experience they provide the cost can be well worth it. In the majority of cases you can save money and a great deal of time. Lenders are known to favour working with a broker instead of an individual and they are able to search the whole of the market place for the cheapest mortgage based on your personal circumstances.