Mortgages - Maryland Mortgage Primer

by : Clyde Lee Dennis

Mortgages are associated with loans that are secured on properties that may be residential or commercial. They are generally classified as fixed or adjustable rate mortgages. Mortgage companies provide these loans, and they also do a lot of other things as well.

Mortgage is a term that actually refers to an agreement based on which an individual can borrow money from an organization by keeping property as collateral. These arrangements are usually administered by Mortgage Brokers. These brokers are agents who either work individually or for a bank or loan institution, and they earn through commission. Mortgage brokers also help the borrowers in sourcing the best loan, which suits his needs and requirements.

As an industry it is one that has become very competitive with many finance companies entering the market over the last several years, and more entering month after month.

In Maryland and other states in the US, there are two parties in a mortgage, the creditor providing the loan, and the debtor who takes the loan. Other parties that may be involved in the process can be a legal advisor, a mortgage broker and a financial advisor.

The home mortgages process in Maryland starts with the submission of an application and documentation about credit history, income etc. It's wise to shop around, collecting different information on mortgages in Maryland.

For a person to be eligible for a mortgage in Maryland, the lending company analyzes the credit report of the borrower. Hence, it is very important to have an impressive credit report when approaching a lender for a mortgage in order to get a favorable rate. However, there are lending companies that offer mortgages for people with bad or no credit record.

It should also be noted that like conventional loans, mortgages can be repaid in various ways. Capital and interest, interest-only, no capital or interest, etc.