Wells Fargo vs. Chase Home Mortgages - What You Need To Know

by : Ben Horne

For an overview of both Wells Fargo home mortgages and Chase mortgages to learn more about the services each offer, keep reading.


Wells Fargo is one of the United States' most versatile mortgage lenders. They offer a range of refinancing products, mortgage programs, types of mortgages and arrangements for borrowers of all stripes and colors.

Home Buying Tools

The Wells Fargo website () is flush with a full guide on the home ownership process - from finding a home to applying for a mortgage, choosing financing and even closing the deal.

For the first-time home buyer or the seasoned real estate pro, their tools are invaluable. Registrants can track home selling prices by email, pick a loan based on personal criteria, calculate the benefits of renting versus buying, and even get pre-approved.

Special Financing Programs

As a versatile and flexible lender, Wells Fargo offers a number of specialty financing programs. They offer special programs for borrowers with less than perfect credit, people building their own homes, military personnel and veterans, and even reverse mortgage programs. They even offer special rates and consideration for Wells Fargo customers.

Better Payment Plan Options

Tired of having your mortgage payment always coming out two days before your pay check gets deposited? With Wells Fargo, you can set up a preferred and personalized payment schedule that makes your payments match your payday schedule.

Personal Support

With hundreds of branch locations, all staffed with local mortgage experts, you're guaranteed to get ongoing, personalized, quality customer support. That kind of mortgage counseling and personal service isn't easy to come by.

Not only do they provide ongoing support, but their hours are open until 11pm CT during the week and all-day Saturday.

Renovation and Construction Financing

Along some other lenders, Wells Fargo does offer additional financing for home construction and planned renovations on new properties. Alongside documentation of your project plan, budget, and estimated completed dates will be your loan application for the property.


Chase Bank and its mortgage division are one of the largest mortgage lenders in the United States. By offering home buyer's guides, loan calculators, and fast closings, they've attracted a lot more customers over the past decade.

Reduced Closing Costs

Chase Mortgage offers what it calls its "Closing Cost Advantage." By not charging commitment fees, appraisal fees, underwriting fees, flood certification fees, credit report fees or origination fees, they promise to save you as much as $200.

Though helpful, however, you must remember there will still be fees and costs associated with your mortgage, including a $395 application fee.

Fast Closing Guarantee

Chase Mortgage promises its customers it will close their house sale on time or they'll give you $300. Unfortunately, this program - Purchase Promise - is only available on purchase mortgages and not for refinancing loans.

Also, to qualify for the Purchase Promise you need to submit a full loan application with documentation at least 30 days prior to your closing date. You then must meet the underwriting conditions of your loan as quickly as possible.

Finally, you need to sign and date the Purchase Promise form. While the promise is there, actually getting the $300 guarantee is harder than it looks.

Options for Poor Credit

Chase Mortgage offers a number of loans for a variety of home buyers, including those with less-than-perfect credit. According to Chase, if you can prove the financial problem is in the past and behind you, they're willing to work with you to find the right home loan.

However, that home loan will cost you in interest rate points and closing costs, so be prepared to get a rate that's a few points higher than the mortgage rate advertised in the paper.

Home Connect Service from Chase

Home Connect is a service offered by Chase that's designed to make the house selling and buying process a whole lot easier. Their Home Connect service provides homeowners with mortgage prequalification and early financing, a personal assistant, real estate expert guidance, recommendations for real estate professionals, guided service and even cash-back when you buy or sell your home.

The service is free to everyone, while Chase offers bonuses of between $175 and $2500 when you sell your home through the Home Connect service.

Remember, when you decide to put your business with a mortgage lender, you're basically saying that you're ready to be this lender's customer for the next 30 years.

Whether you wind up needing an extra day on a payment, a break on a refinancing deal, or simply quality customer service, is that 30-year relationship really something you want to jeopardize by opting for a mortgage company that doesn't offer renovation financing, personal support, extended hours, flexible payment plans, varied financing and customized tools?