Why You Should Consider Mortgage Protection Insurance

by : Simon Burgess

If you have a mortgage then you need to consider protecting the repayments with mortgage protection insurance. A policy can make a huge difference to your financial situation if you cannot earn an income. With it you would be assured of having the money needed for your mortgage repayment when it was due, without it and you could find yourself getting into arrears.

You only have to miss one repayment of your mortgage and the lender will be in touch. Continue to miss them and the lender could start proceedings to take your home through repossession. Even if you can catch up on the arrears it would probably put a severe strain on your finances and of course a missed payment means you have a bad mark on your credit file.

Mortgage protection insurance can be taken out to protect against you being unemployed, or if you have an accident or illness that means you are unable to work. However you might not need full cover. Depending on your circumstances you might just need to take a policy for unemployment. You can also take out protection just for accident and sickness.

All providers will have different terms and conditions as to when the cover would begin to payout and for how long it would last. Some providers will pay an income on your policy after just 30 days of unemployment or of being incapacitated. Some providers could state in their policy that you have to wait for up to 90 days and some will backdate cover to the first day of redundancy or of you being unable to work. Once the policy has begun to payout it would continue to do so for between 12 and 24 months and then it would stop. However this should be enough time in the majority of instances for you to be able to make a recovery or find work again.

Homeowners that consider falling back onto State benefits if they lose their income could find this a let down and their home at risk. State help can be found but there are many conditions that have to be met before you can claim for benefit. When asking for help with the mortgage even if you are eligible you might have to wait for many months before you would see any benefit. Even then the money you would get would only go towards the interest on the mortgage not the capitol. Relying on savings as a form of safety net could be just as bad. Your savings would only last for so long and if you remained unemployed or incapacitated for many months you could see them run dry.

You do have to check that mortgage protection insurance is suitable for your needs when applying for the policy. However if you go with a specialist in payment protection they will provide you with all the information you need for you to be able to decide. Once you have checked the terms and conditions you would then have a safety net on which to fall which leaves you able to concentrate on finding work or making a recovery.