Turning Your Home Based Business Into Residual Income

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Home based businesses do not usually start out as online or offline cash flow opportunities. You, the entrepreneur man or woman, will virtually always need to change the structure to turn your home based business into residual income opportunity for yourself.

Making almost any different business into a cash flow one can be done if you want to. It does take effort and work but it can definitely be done.

A single sale or service job, one time, type business can leave you in desperate financial straits if you get injured or sick and cannot work. Your income stops coming in immediately and you can get financially ruined real fast.

Locksmiths, electricians, plumbers and one time sale with no paid for follow up services on the inter net are other examples of this. This is tragic because I have seen many talented people go from making thousands of dollars a week to nothing.

They sometimes lose their car, home and even their families plus almost all their other assets. This is sad and totally unnecessary. Thoughtful preparation can stop this.

Many individuals still hate to use the inter net but they can save their financial lives and years of making up for expenses, from an unexpected business failure, by building a residual income home business on or off the inter net. On the inter net is better because of the speed, viral marketing available and low cost of top promoting and advertising services.

They, you, can build a second cash flow business online as an insurance policy against unexpected problems to keep from getting ruined. Sound good? I thought so!

The first aspect you want to understand is just what income inter net residual business is in the first place. First, understand that this magic elixir of money is earned on a consistent basis.

That means you go through effort, maybe lots of it at first or before, to start making money in a steady cash stream once. Once this initial effort is completed the cash stream keeps flowing with little or no effort.

Please understand the strength of this. Linear, or one time payment to us, income we get paid once and that is it. This is a job. It can be offline or online.

It is based on a single job or the amount of time worked. Using a residual income formula you get paid over and over and over with limited or no additional effort.

Linear income is earning income based upon the amount of time worked. There is no payment to you afterwards, none. With residual income a person gets paid repeatedly and indefinitely.

One of your major goals for having a steady cash flow should be to build cash flows that can be mostly left alone where you do not have to be involved. One possibility is a web site.

A completed effective sales web site can bring you a steady income from the same customers every month. It can be in the form of a product catalog. An easily followed shopping cart is needed. Customers should be able to easily navigate through it with the owner having to do nothing.

Another important feature to have is having a supplier drop ship your products for you. The way it works is, orders are placed and processed on your web site. Then they are sent to the drop shipper who ships the products directly to your customer without you having to do anything. This may sound simplistic but it is very effective and time saving.

This is building residual income because the owner spent time building the cycle and a marketing program to sell it. Once the system is built it feeds on itself and can even keep expanding, if you design it to do so. For your time spent building the system you will now get paid every time a repeat or original order is placed.

This is residual income because the owner only spent the initial time setting up the web site and marketing. For that time spent you will continue to get paid every time an order is placed. If your primary job or income stream stops your residual income from home keeps coming in and your insurance starts paying you for your efforts.

A locksmith, plumber, electrician or online worker can start a business helping others with their knowledge gained from their profession. They can also exercise another option and start an affiliate program. This would involve signing up representatives, or independent marketers, to advertise your web site by giving them links to it. This can be set up fairly easily.

Affiliates get a commission on every product they sell or lead they get you. Commissions need to be as generous as possible to get and keep your affiliates.
This is where the other part of your affiliate program comes in. Your affiliates will be allowed to sign up other affiliates.

The commissions from this would give more commissions to your first level affiliates and you, even though the additional sales would result in lower individual commissions per sale. The efforts of everyone are multiplied and rewarded more.

The affiliate program benefits the owner because he or she are having both marketing and sales or leads located or done for them, for a fair price, by their affiliates. Turning your home based business into residual income will take constant and, at times, difficult effort.

However, once your system or web site is set up you will get paid over and over again for this work of yours. You will of made your own insurance policy for yourself in case of accident, ill health or failure of your business or job.