Be Educated When Shopping for a Home Loan

by : Steven Cancel

It has never been a better time to consider getting a home loan with rates at historic lows and home prices softening. Purchasing a home is often the biggest investment one will make within their lifetime. Prior to purchasing a home there are many things to consider. You will want to have goals in place that support your decision and loan type. Different loan types can cater to your current and future financial needs. Always understand that mortgage companies understand that your needs and future expectations change. At any point you're within your loan you can refinance and adjust your loan type and length but this often includes fees and charges that can be avoided by not changing the terms of your loan.

The first step one should take in consult with a seasoned loan professional. This would include a mortgage broker or loan officer that has been originating mortgages for a long period of time. It is not wise to make such a large investment with someone who is not familiar with each aspect of the industry. Create a list of questions that you have prior to contacting the professional so they will get a good feel of what your goals and expectations are. Be prepared for a credit check and be able to provide up to 2 years of income documentation. Your loan specialist will then provide you with an amount you will be able to get approved for along with what the expected monthly payment will be should you decide to take a loan out for the given amount.

If your goal is to purchase a home to live in it for at least 30 years it is best to get a 30 year fixed mortgage. This will allow your new home to be fully paid off over a 30 year period. After 30 years you will only have the loan paid off but you will also have equity that was obtained. Over the history of the real estate industry, housing pricing has shown incredible returns for their owners. Many other options are also available such as lower fixed periods, ARM, and jumbo loans. Your mortgage professional will best fit you with your loan type.

As a consumer it is also important that you trust your loan professional. Should you decide purchasing a home is the right path for your future you should make sure that the origination process is completed in a reasonable manner? Loan professionals are paid on what is known on the industry as points. Each point is a percentage on the actual amount being provided from the lender. These points can be clearly stated on the loan forms but also can be included in the actual rate you are being provided. Ensure you are aware of all the charges you acquiring to prevent from being over charged by a loan professional.