Private Equity Jobs Hiring Trends Spring 2008

by : IC

Ignore today's negative news about the Private Equity Jobs overall market and related job growth - the media is painting a much worse scenario that what is real - there are still great opportunities for private equity jobs if you now how and where to look for them. Especially if you target small to medium sized hedge funds that are not in as leveraged a position as the much larger Wall Street firms and that are concentrating on deals that the larger firms cannot afford to work with.

Private Equity Jobs via Niche Firms

A lot of the strong growth that is occurring in the private equity jobs market is occurring with smaller or niche private equity firms, not the larger firms on Wall Street that many job seekers target automatically. You want to identify a niche job board that targets private equity jobs and then upload your resume to it and/or look at private equity jobs via this type of a site.

Many of these smaller hedge fund firms are hiring because they don't have the capital needs of the larger firms and/or need external funding. In most cases these types of firms are working with less borrowed money and as a result, the credit market does not negatively impact their growth and related job opportunities.

Since the credit markets are experience so much turbulence these smaller private equity funds are unearthing more investment opportunities that are more aligned with good business practices, as again, they are utilizing their own capital, not borrowed funds. And, many of these smaller deals would not generate the type of ROI that larger hedge funds need to stay in business; enabling the smaller firms to work on deals that are smaller but lucrative.

So, target these smaller funds for a private equity job as you move forward, as they can be a valuable source for a position based on their leveraging their smaller size and the overall financial structure of their deal flow. And, starting out in a smaller firm can be a good career move as you will develop a broader skill set based on your working.