How to Work With a Private Equity Job Board

by : IC

One of the greatest benefits to working with a private equity job board is the laser sharp focus of this type of a job board. A highly specialized job board is a great place to post your resume and for researching the overall private equity job market, as it is highly targeted for this specific industry. Some recommended strategic points you need to be aware of if you want to work effectively with a private equity job board.

1. Understand what the private equity job board's privacy policy is as it relates to you posting a resume or CV. Meaning, if you are presently employed, you may not want your employer to know you are looking for new opportunities, so make sure the private equity job board has a way to anonymously post your resume.

2. Utilize the job board to carefully research any positions that may be a "fit" with your present experience, educational background and compensation to date.

3. Don't respond to positions that you are not well qualified for, as you will be wasting your time and turning off a potential employer that you may want to work with at a later date. It can be a smaller world than you think!

4. Have an accurate professionally (don't enhance your background) resume written for uploading to the private equity job board that acts as a selling document for your personal brand.

5. If the private equity job board has a newsletter it is in most cases a good idea to sign up for this, as it will keep you plugged in to what is going on the private equity industry as well as give you some sense of available jobs.

6. Don't spam (blast out your e-mail) to a broad number of private equity job boards with the hope that your resume will be seen by more recruiters and private equity job hiring firms - you want to carefully target your marketing campaign (resume) and don't want to look desperate by posting too aggressively via multiple job board sites.

7. Research the background carefully of each private equity job board that you are assessing - you want to work with a job board that is managed by a market savvy executive management team that understands the industry, has strong contacts and/or wants to build a long term relationship with you as a candidate.

8. Recruiters typically utilize private equity job boards as a source for candidates. It is important to treat a recruiter with respect and work with them just as you would with an employer. As, they may have broad contacts in the private equity market and can help you in your search process.