Dont Fall for These Home Business Scams

by : yourhomeincome

When you surf the internet you will find plenty of advertisements and offers for starting your own home business. A lot of unsuspecting people spot what they think is a sound business opportunity but end up losing a lot of money. Unfortunately, it is easy to be misled by these offers, so the income seeker has to be very cautious.

Home-Based Business Scam Targets
With many of these businesses the only money earned is the money that the scammers take from unwary opportunity seekers. These scams are aimed at people who want to make money working from home. Many are aimed at mothers with young children who want to do something to improve the family financial situation but who also want to be home for their children. These scams also play on the psychology of people who are really desperate to pay their bills and are having problems doing so.

Make Money Fast Schemes
Three of the most common work from home scams are craft assembly, medical billing and email processing.

In craft assembly you pay up front for a starter kit. When the completed projects are sent back, you are told by the company that your work does not meet their standards. Nothing will ever meet the standards. The whole operation is set up to make money selling the kits (and the promise of income to people who desperately need it).

In medical billing you pay a fee for a list of clients in your area and billing software. Medical clinics rarely if ever outsource their billing to individuals. The work is normally done internally or outsourced to medical billing firms. Trying to get a refund on the money you have paid up front is next to impossible.

In email processing the scammers try to involve you in their scam. They get you to pay up front for the privilege of participating, and then you send the same emails out to others in the hope of taking their money. This has become a lucrative (for the scammers) home business scam.

Pyramid Schemes
A pyramid scheme involves recruiting people to invest money with the promise that your money will be returned many times over (for example, invest $500 and get $5000 back). In this scam you invest money and then you recruit others to invest money. Pyramid schemes are illegal in most places but they are still very common. Pyramid schemes are very similar to the email processing scam. What happens is that a very few people, those at the top of the pyramid, make money while those at the bottom never see any return on their investment. People who get into the scheme early are paid from money collected from participants who get in later. Eventually, the whole scheme collapses.

Don't Give Your Money Away
Be wary of work from home offers that require you to put up a cash deposit for the privilege of doing the work. Avoid pyramid type schemes where you pay money to someone who promises that you will recover your money many times over just by participating. Home business scams have always been with us, but with the proliferation of these scams on the Internet, it is much easier to rip off unsuspecting victims. Be careful. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is!