Homeowner Loans When Credit Problems Become An Obstacle

by : Lara Sawyer

Homeowner loans are known for having a significantly higher approval ratio than other loans when the applicant has a bad credit score. However, this does not mean that approval is necessarily guaranteed when you are a homeowner. Credit problems can become an obstacle for approval for your desired loan that can cause a decline or at least the need to modify the loan terms so as to obtain a positive result.

It is also true that not all credit problems are the same and therefore not all need to be addressed the same way. Homeownership will provide you with a better starting point in the eyes of a lender but there are also other things you can do to boost your chances for approval depending on how serious your credit problems are. For instance: though homeownership is a good start, deciding to use the actual property or properties as collateral will greatly reduce the risk.

Unpaid Loans Or Other Debts: Late Payments and Missed Payments

Late or missed payments are not necessarily such a serious delinquency provided that they are not repeated or that due to the nature of the loan (home loan, home equity loan) imply further risks like repossession. The actions suggested are an immediate payment of debt or negotiation with the creditor to have the bad input removed.

Defaults or Definite Lack of Payment of a Loan or Credit Card Balance

Defaults are serious delinquencies that will drop your credit score a lot. Renegotiation of the debt is the suggested solution but it will take time for your credit to recover and therefore you may need to apply with the aid of a co-signer for a new loan or request a secured personal homeowner loan rather than an unsecured one.

County Court Judgments

These entries on your report will affect your credit in different ways as it all depends of the seriousness of the judgments. All in all the solutions and measures suggested are the same as above, repayment in full, negotiation or compliance with the judgment and joint application or co-signing if you need another homeowner loan.

Mortgage Arrears With Risk of Repossession

Whether it is a home loan or second mortgage, the lack of repayment carries the risk of repossession. It is not the same to default on a personal unsecured homeowner loan than on a mortgage loan and therefore the severity of the consequences will reflect on your credit report. Settling the account is the best solution, refinancing is also a good option. In any case, co-signing is your best chance as no lender will provide a secured loan when there is already one about to be defaulted or on default.

Bankruptcy: Financial Failure

Bankruptcy is probably the most serious delinquency and the consequences of it on your homeowner loan approval are severe too. However, it is also true that if you have chances at all of getting financing with a past bankruptcy is by applying for a secured homeowner loan. Note howeverArticle Submission, that it needs to be a past bankruptcy and you should try applying with the aid of a co-signer. A current bankruptcy (not discharged) will not let you get financing on these terms.