Dont Outsmart Yourself When Selling Your Home

by : Sameer Panjwani

There are always homes that struggle to sell. You may have a very good home in a very good location but still find it difficult to sell. Well, there is always a reason. Here are some common reasons why such homes don’t sell:

Being Over-priced – The foremost reason for many homes not selling is their price. If you’re selling your home, make sure you price it in line with market expectations. Your home’s only worth as much as buyers are willing to pay for it. You may have got a high appraisal value but if you’re struggling to sell your home at that price, you need to realize that your home’s over-priced. You need to look at what other homes in your neighborhood are selling for and how much have recent homes sold for. You can only charge a premium to other homes if your home has any special feature that there is a demand for. Otherwise, do not outsmart yourself by pricing your home higher than what other homes are selling for.

Poor negotiation – Second reason for the fallout of most home sales – poor negotiation. If you get an interested home buyer who’s reached the final stage of negotiating the price, don’t let him go away just because he’s not willing to pay your price. Be a little inventive. Perhaps you could give away some of your furniture or your electronics as part of the deal. Or you could offer him assistance in his down payment. There are a 1001 ways where you can actually give the buyer the feeling that he’s winning the negotiation and getting more than what he initially bargained for.

Thinking people are going to love the house the moment they see it – As wonderful as you may think your house is, there is always room for improvement. Some people are put off by small things, like chipped doors, a messy lawn, patches on the walls, etc. A common mistake is to get too used to seeing the house the way you’ve always seen it. As a result, many of these small things tend to get overlooked. You need to see your house from a fresh perspective.

Now that you’re aware of these common mistakesFree Web Content, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of repeating any of them.