Cory Rudl Made Internet Marketing History and You can Too!

by : toddjir

Do you think success only gives itself to a few internet marketing gurus like Cory Rudl? History shows many people believe this. You don't need to believe this nonsense. You see, a thing called learned helplessness can infect someone who tried something over and over again that didn't work out. So, they learned instead to just give up and forget what they wanted.

Has this happened to you with internet marketing or starting a business? Well, let's start of this article with the golden rule. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again and this doesn't work, what do you call that? Insanity! Also on the other end of the high tailed coin we find people who search out one opportunity after another. They think the Holy Grail will start flying right around the corner and hit them in the face.

So how do you not go from one internet marketing extreme to the next? The first thing you should do in any venture, stick to one way. And if that doesn't work then try something else until you achieve. But, all the while you need to stick to your original plan. Don't go off in a whole other direction away from the thing you wanted to do first. As crazy as this sounds, it's where most people go wrong.

You should find a mentor and learn from them. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods both were mentored. You need someone to show you how you did things right and help you when your engine drives off track. You must learn to walk before you can crawl. Cory Rudl made this his passion everyday before his untimely passing. If you don't, you may never get where you want. See, if you miss step one, what makes you think you can just go to step two and forget about step one? Don't make the same mistake where other people fail.

Remember, if you keep trying sooner or later success will come at some point out of persistence or pure luck. So, the key points to remember keep it simple and don't try to reinvent the wheel. Also, take your time and try to learn what you need to learn. And last but not least, find someone who can coach you. Remember if your internet marketing isn't working, take a deep breath and step back to take a look at the big picture. If you do, you may just see what's causing you so much grief and finally become a success like Cory Rudl.