What Exactly is a Wahm?

by : scoobs

A WAHM is a new breed of mom who manages to stay home and take care of her family while earning an income on the side. Work at home moms have resulted from the highly competitive world we have now as well as the increasing cost of living. These Moms are in a quandary because while wanting to take care of their families, they cannot however give up their money-earning capabilities.

Most work at home moms have been career girls at one time or another. But this was before they found out that they can stay home and become successful in business while they work from home. Most WAHMs are super moms who can be the best homemakers and also the best business people.

Some Mothers have decided to look for work that allowed them to telecommute. However, most WAHMs have decided to go for the best home business ideas they can find and take it from there.

A WAHM is not your ordinary mom because she can already be earning an income while cooking food for the family on a Sunday morning. She may be going to a swimming party with her kids but she also tows all her products and brochures, hoping that she can somehow find the time to talk to potential clients while watching over her kids.

Some WAHMs can start their day cooking breakfast while alternately checking their mails at the computer. Some manage to update their websites or confirm an order from a client while preparing dinner. There are Work at Home Moms who fetch their kids at school while renewing old ties with friends who also have kids in the same school.

These mothers are actually women innocently clad in their casual wears with two or more kids in tow. However, their looks can be deceiving because right inside their bags may be some jewelry or beauty products about to be delivered or shown to potential customers.

A WAHM can be found in the groceries purchasing the family's monthly food allowance but her minds may already be plotting the next home party plan she is going to host for her high school batch mates. You may think she is hosting the party for socialization sake but think again-she is actually hitting two birds with one stone. That is, reuniting with former classmates and introducing her direct business to them.

Ask any child with a work at home mom and he will tell you how un-boring life can be with a Mother that works at home. Her schedule may be hectic but she will always find time to push her direct selling business while making sure her family gets the care they deserve.

So if you ask me what a work at home mom really is, I will tell you frankly. A WAHM is a home maker, a direct business enthusiast, a multi-tasker, a marketing manager, and everything that she needs to be to make sure that her family is well taken cared of while she earns on the side to keep her family financially stable.