Home Refinancing - Choosing a Lender

by : Alan Lim

When obtaining home refinancing, most borrowers do not consider that they have a choice of the lender that they work with.? They also may not be aware that in most instances the broker is different than the lender.? Once the loan is placed, the borrower has little or no control over the sale of their mortgage refinance contract, but during the application and documentation phase, the choice of the broker and the lender can be a significant factor in the cost of your loan. It is assumed that you have reviewed the options you have in selecting your broker, but it would not hurt to be aware of the lender that will be handling your loan should it be approved.

Get a referral

Choosing a lender to do your home refinancing package is one of the most important decisions you will face.? Since you may or may not know the lender personally, it is important that you find out information about the lender from someone who has used them recently and that has had satisfactory results. A referral from a family member or friend can be the best reference available in your decision about which lender to use.? Many lenders have different loan packages so finding a lender who is willing to work with your personal situation is the key to a successful process.

What's the final cost of the loan?

In choosing a lender to prepare the home refinancing loan for your signature, one of the important things that you must remember to do is to determine the total or final cost of the loan. These costs will include not only the interest that will be paid, but the expenses and fees collected by the lender for their work or efforts in creating and processing the loan.? The lender is required by law to provide you with a detailed description of what those costs will be, prior to the closing date.? You should review them carefully and question any that you are unsure about.


The best person or company to put together the documents or application for your home refinancing loan is one who has extensive experience in the type of loan you are considering. If you are not sure of the mortgages that would work best for you, try to obtain a reference or referral from someone you know and trust who has obtained a similar loan in the recent past. While every financial situation and need is somewhat differentComputer Technology Articles, a lender who specializes in large commercial loans may not be interested in considering a loan application for a small starter home.

Customer service

A home refinancing loan that goes smoothly depends to a great extent on the professional skills and attitude of the lender.? This customer service attitude should be a part of each contact between lender or broker and the client or potential client.? The service before the loan is important in demonstrating how the service will continue following the submission of the loan documents.