How To Add Bonuses Until Your Offer Is Irresistible

by : cgowri

A powerful way to optimize your home business is to convert more visitors or prospects into paying customers. By doing this, your business profit curve will spiral upwards swiftly.

Just think about it - the same number of visitors will now earn you a higher income. It means that for the same advertising and marketing costs incurred in attracting an audience, you will earn more money - boosting your profit.

How can you make it happen? Easy. Make your offer irresistible!

You can do it by putting so much value into it that your potential buyer would have to be NUTS to turn you down. And one way to do this is by adding bonuses to what you're selling.

Carefully chosen, high quality, relevant bonuses can boost the perceived value of your product or service sky-high.

And everyone loves to get something for free!

In case you're wondering how you'll boost profits when you give away bonuses, keep this in mind. The cost of creating a 'killer' bonus need not be high at all. Indeed, it can be surprisingly cheap! What matters is that it complements or supplements the value of the product or service on offer.

What can you offer as a bonus? And how to do it?

Bonuses add appeal to your offer. But there's an artful way to use a bonus in your home business - or you'll end up attracting the wrong crowd for the wrong reasons.

Here are a few ideas for bonuses you can create or find:

* Info-products - create them or buy rights to them

* CDs, mp3 files, audio tapes - record a book or special report, you've got an audio recording to throw in!

* Software - simple tools to add functionality to the things they buy

* Checklists - so buyers know what to do!

* Training programs - to show customers how to use their purchase better

* Discount coupons on future orders

This list is just to open your mind to a few ideas. Your imagination is the limit to what you can use in your own business. And sometimes, people actually buy a product just because they want the bonuses being offered! Surely you've done it yourself on a few occasions.

When should bonuses be introduced into the selling process?

* You could do it right on the sales letter

* Or you can mention a time-sensitive bonus on the order form to add urgency

* Try continuously adding bonuses, one after another, on your follow-up messages

* And from time to time, offer surprise bonuses to delight buyers!

Whatever you do, sell the benefit of your bonuses - and remember not to go overboard. Remember, your offer will often stand or fall on bonuses alone!