Consider A Career In Proofreading

by : hitext

Do you have excellent language skills and enjoy reading? Then why not consider a career in proofreading? Many writers are looking for people who are offering freelance proofreading services. But what exactly is proofreading and how do you go about finding these freelance proofreading jobs?

Trevor Horwood on his website, describes proofreading as follows: "Once a manuscript has been copy-edited is sent to a typesetter, who produced a loose-leaf proof copy of the book (or article, or brochure, or whatever) prior to publication. These proofs, together with the copy-edited manuscript, are then sent to a proofreader who checks a.) that the setter has not made any errors while typesetting the manuscript and b.) that the copy-editor has not missed any errors in the original copy. Again, the proofreader's task consists of rather more than simply 'checking the spelling'"

Most people who provide freelance proofreading services work from home and enjoy the benefits of home-based employment such as setting their own hours, being their own boss, determining what projects they take on and when. The disadvantages of home-based employment however also apply to those who offer freelance proofreading services - they do not have a set income each month, they don't get paid holidays or other company benefits. These disadvantages however are easily overlooked when you are enjoying the benefits of freelance proofreading jobs.

The first place to start your search for freelance proofreading jobs is at freelance jobs boards such as, and These freelance jobs boards offer many opportunities for those who are offering freelance proofreading services. All that is necessary is to register with one or two of them and then start tendering or bidding on the proofreading jobs that they are advertising.

As you discover what freelance proofreading jobs are available out there you may wish to focus on different kinds of freelance proofreading. Apart from your traditional proofreading of print books the world of the internet has opened up even more variety in the area of proofreading including proofreading for websites, proofreading ebooks, ezines or really any kind of document that can be produced. As a freelance proofreader you are free to choose what work you take on so you may want to specialize in one type of freelance proofreading or take on a variety of work from the above categories - the choice is yours.

If you have excellent language skills, enjoy reading and want the benefits provided by freelance employment then you should consider offering freelance proofreading services. As a freelance proofreader you will be able to work from the comfort of your own home, set your own hours and take on as much or as little work as you like and can comfortably live on. In order to find freelance proofreading jobs we suggest looking on freelance jobs boards such as, and