Bad Credit Loans and Achieving your Dream Home

by : Colin Kidd

For most middle class families today, owning their own home is the biggest priority in their lives. It's their dream to someday be in a home which they can truly call their own. But alas not everyone will be able to realize this dream. This is mainly due to months or even years of neglecting their credit rating making getting finance for mortgages next to impossible.

Credit rating is scored on your past record with your past loans or bills. If you have paid all your monthly dues on time and followed all the guidelines laid down by the lender then it is deemed that you have good credit rating. If you have been late or defaulted on your loans for 90 days or more the lender can list a default on your credit file. Failure to keep up to date could result in a bad credit rating. In fact any kind of irregularities over 90 days on your part could adversely affect your credit rating. Given the fact that your credit rating is the most important factor in deciding whether you get further finance or not, it is absolutely imperative that you maintain a good credit rating.

Even people with good credit ratings may fall into the bad credit trap. A personal emergency like an illness or simply being ignorant of the rules and regulations which determine their future financing options can cause them to neglect their finance obligations. Slowly but steadily turning their good credit rating into a bad credit rating thus ending any chances of a lender providing finance for a home mortgage.

Having defaults or arrears with your past loans means you may have your default listed on your credit report. When this happens there is not much you can do to get another loan since almost all lenders will certainly reject any application made by you for any kind of mortgage. They believe that past loan conduct equals future loan conduct.

Of course there is no need to kiss your dream of owning your own home goodbye just yet. The good news is all is not lost and you can try a few things out before throwing in the towel. First things first; you need to contact a good refinancing or mortgage specialist and ask for a "Bad Credit Loan".

Most companies specializing in refinancing should know what a Bad Credit Loan is and will be able to help you check if you are eligible for one. They could even look for alternate means of securing a new loan for you.

So what is a "Bad Credit Loan"? Well just as the name suggests, it's a loan designed for people in need of finance but have a bad credit rating due to whatever reason, and hence can't qualify for a normal home loan where a good credit rating is required. A Bad Credit Loan is usually available in two ways - Secured or unsecured loans . An unsecured loan is much tougher to get and hence you should check with your refinancing company whether you can successfully apply for it or not. A secured loan uses houses, property or other assets as security for the loan.

A Bad Credit Loan can give you a much needed boost if you are looking for mortgage finance but have got yourself into the bad credit trap. So go ahead and check with a refinancing specialist on how to escape from this bad credit trap you have laid for yourself. Its time to dream again of owning your own home.