Unveil the Equity in your Home

by : Angelo Drew

Are you looking for a financial solution to make your home look beautiful? Well, your home is itself the answer. As you might be aware, the current trend in the UK financial market is to borrow on the basis of the increased value of your home.

The value of your home, also called Equity, helps you in getting a loan. Over the recent years, the price of a UK home has increased significantly. The latest figures say that an average home in England and Wales now costs ?179,935 - ?15,003 more than a year ago. The price in London is even more - an average London home costs around ?333,785. The higher prices mean that there is more equity in homes that homeowners can now exploit.

As a homeowner, you stand to benefit a lot by taking secured loans. The benefits include:

  • Cheap secured loans - Low rate of interest starting from as low as 6.5 per cent
  • Long repayment term that can extend up to 25 years
  • Easy and wide availability in financial market
  • A big loan amount up to ?250,000
  • Availability in case of bad credit conditions
  • Borrowers with low credit score also eligible

    Secured loans are taken out for a number of purposes. Borrowers commonly take cheap secured loans to meet their big financial needs like home improvement, car purchase, debt consolidation, etc. These loans provide you enough flexibility in repayment. You can choose the method of repayment depending upon your income and repaying capability. Various methods of repayments are - Interest only method, Repayment method, Capped interest rate method and Variable interest rate method.

    Secured loans are suitable for the borrowers who have difficulty in raising unsecured loans because of their impaired debt history. Since secured loans provide lenders with a security, they usually do not hesitate in giving bad credit loans to the borrowers.