Bad Credit Home Equity Loans

by : Thomas Lonsdale

Bad credit home equity loans are special home equity loans available to people with a low credit score. If you have been eyeing a new home or wish to take a new loan to pay off high interest debts, then bad credit home equity loans are something you should consider applying for.
Fixing Of Interest Rates
Your credit score or FICO score is used to determine the interest rate you will have to pay. You gain FICO points depending on your ability to repay loans, your salary and assets. You lose points when you default, make late payments or file for bankruptcy. Scores range from 350 to 850 points.
Those who have a high credit score pay low interest rates. People who have a score of less than 600 are usually asked to pay a high rate of interest or denied loans. However, they can always avail of bad credit home equity loans.
What Is A Bad Credit Home Equity Loan?
Originally, home equity loans were designed to pay for renovations and add on structures to your home. However, as lenders never check where the money is going, you can use it for almost any purpose. People with low credit scores usually go in for bad credit home equity loans to pay off their debts. The only difference between bad credit home equity loans and regular home equity loans is the slightly higher rate of interest.
Lending companies and banks are always ready to dole out cash as bad credit home equity loans. As the loan is secured by a mortgage on your house, the lender faces very little risk. If you are unable to pay the loan in the future, they simple repossess your house to recover their dues. Plus the high interest rates and loan charges make it quite profitable for them.
Advantages To People With Bad Credit
Bad credit home equity loans are extremely useful to people who are stuck in a cycle of debt or in a debt crisis. If you have multiple high interest rate arrears like credit card debts, then it makes sense to use a low interest home equity loan to pay it off. The advantages are -

  • You will have to deal with just one creditor - the home equity loan company.

  • You will make smaller monthly payments

As you pay off the previous loans, your credit rating will increase. This debt consolidation function of bad credit home equity loans is the reason why it is become so popular today.