Types of Lenders

by : Alan Lim

The mortgage market is extremely competitive, so much so that lenders are vying for your business. If you are planning on going for a new home mortgage, then it's time you know the various kinds of lenders who are involved.

Mortgage banker

This is a company or an individual that is involved throughout the entire cycle of the loan. So right from beginning till the end of the loan tenure when the loan is closed, the mortgage banker is involved. You may directly interact with the mortgage banker for all your transactions. The mortgage banker makes his money from the new home mortgage via all the associated fees, closure costs as well as points earned during the loan cycle. Once you close the loan, you could choose to continue maintaining the relationship with the mortgage banker or they might even sell off the loan to another person or entity.

Mortgage broker

You maybe suffering from a poor credit score or you may just not have ample time on your hands to shop around for the new home mortgage. In such situations, opting for a mortgage broker to help you out is the best way. The mortgage broker is essentially a middleman of sorts who will intervene between the borrower as well as the mortgage banker. He or she has a thorough knowledge of the best deals around in the market or which lending companies are more likely to grant loans to sub prime borrowers or those with a bad credit history.

Credit unions

If you are already a member of a credit union, then this can well be one of the best places to shop around for a new home mortgage. They can provide you with lucrative low interest rates which you can leverage to your advantage. There are many workplaces, associations as well as unions that offer their very own in house credit unions.

Government loans

Many borrowers have the wrong impression that the government actually makes new home mortgage loans. However that is a misconception. In most cases the government supports or backs up certain loan types. This support or backing by the government in turn helps lenders to be more likely to grant these loans. It could be because they have the added assurance of support and intervention from the government. You can easily approach your very own neighborhood local banker to find out the best deals that are backed by government authorities.

Direct lenders

You can also check with online mortgage companies that can assist you with finding a good quality direct lender. They may even help you to find a reputed home loan broker of choice. They usually suggest such lending institutions based on your individual requirements and financial goals. Comparing rates online is a great way to arrive at an informed decision and to assess schemes from various lenders. So if you happen to shop around a little bit or just asked around for the rates you could actually get a good mortgage deal.