Secured Vehicle Finance: Drive Home Your Passion

by : Scarlette Riley

Looking for a dream vehicle? But couldn't find suitable and cheap motor vehicle finance? No need to worry. Secured Vehicle Finance is at your service and can accommodate cheap motor vehicle finance at competitive interest rates.

Purchasing a vehicle of your choice, vehicle finance has become an effective way of availing credit and at cheap rate of interest.

A UK borrower can finance his vehicle both in secured as well as unsecured form. As the name suggests, is available in the UK against a security. The vehicle, which is being financed, can be used as a security. One can also use some other valuable collateral in order to avail vehicle finance in UK in secured form.

With these loans, a borrower can buy any car model. Even more, a UK borrower can also get an old vehicle financed. But in such cases, the vehicle age should not be more than 5 years. Based on the rate of the vehicle, the amount is decided. Generally a borrower can finance his vehicle for 2-5 years.

However there are some pre requisites which a borrower has to fulfill while applying for vehicle finance UK. These criteria are as follows:-

? Borrowers' age should be at least 18

? A fulltime employment is necessary

? In case of borrowers' income, it should not be less than ?1200

? Borrowers must have residential as well as identification proof.

A borrower, having bad credit score can also avail secured vehicle finance UK. All sorts of bad credit scorers, like CCJs, IVAs, bankruptcy, default, arrears can get the benefit of this way of being financed.

In the UK, many traditional lenders offer vehicle finance. One can look for banks, financial companies, lending companies in order to arrange vehicle finance UK.