Mortgage - an Overview

by : Ben Estevan

Be very, very vigilant when applying for a mortgage. Being complacent in such a process can harm you financially. Plan well and be watchful, regardless of it being your first or tenth mortgage application.

The legal terms and conditions followed during such processes can have huge impacts on the finances of the borrower. Being ignorant can lead to serious consequences. The legal clauses involved in mortgage borrowing processes keep on changing frequently, with constant modifications and manipulations. It can make even long-prevailing rules outdated before you say the word 'mortgage'.

Expecting the customer to be familiar with rules and regulations related to mortgage is an unreasonable assumption. However, knowledge of basic rules is always expected and can be very helpful in flawless processing. Moreover, it helps avoiding scheming lenders.

Independent financial advisers can be the key to selection of best mortgage available. They provide neutral and unbiased advice. Financial advisers can provide vital information on general as well as specific mortgages, depending on the requirements. One such organization is known as Independent Financial Advisers. It represents independent financial advisers across the UK. You can ask for help from such organizations in locating a local adviser anywhere in the UK.

It is general practice for lending organizations to offer valuable advice in the term of repayment forms or in methods of charging interest forms, etc. However, you need to be very analytical while differentiating between a useful advice and marketing of products.

Confusion for those applying for mortgages increases further because of the huge number of terms and conditions associated with them. Mortgages are available for literally every use possible and for different category of borrowers. People who are going to buy homes for the very first time in their lives can have a first-time buyer mortgage. On the other hand, those planning to benefit from the equity in their home but not repay the amount received, can take a reverse mortgage. Right to buy mortgages is available to the council tenants only, who are planning to buy council homes for themselves.

Then comes in the part of deciding on the amount of mortgage to be borrowed. The amount of mortgage allowed will differ with the lenders and the type of mortgage taken. The risk involved is also a deciding factor which can reduce or increase the amount of mortgage allowed to the borrower. Mortgagors have to cover some percentage of the mortgage as a deposit. As deposit increases, the amount of mortgage increases. If you are unable to arrange deposits, you can take a 100 percent mortgage, where no deposit is required. The borrower can apply online or make a personal visit to the lender. Some lenders offer discounts if you apply online.

Credit report is another crucial factor while applying for a mortgage. You need to have a copy of the credit report from any of the main credit reference agencies, like Equifax or Experian. Any discrepancies present in your credit report must be immediately sorted out.

Property is one of the main factors while deciding the actual amount of mortgage. It depends on cost report provided by surveys and valuations. You can request for a revaluation in case you feel the measurements are erratic.

One erratic step can cause you your property. It is not possible to foresee the future, but one can at least provide well for the future. Taking well-informed steps can help rope off the harmful effects of mortgages.