Top 10 Home Business Opportunities

by : biggso

Being a stay at home parent does not necessarily mean you cannot contribute financially to the family coffers. On the contrary, there are many lucrative home business opportunities that you can engage in. Listed below are the top 10 home business opportunities that are suitable for stay at home parents.

Scrapbook and memoirs making is an excellent choice for a stay at home parent who likes to work with his or her fingers. There are many people who would like to make scrapbooks of their family pictures but never have the time to do so. You can start by marketing your products and services to your friends and neighbors.
Child care or a day care center would be a good business. It would give you time to take care of your kids while taking care of your neighbors kids. There are always many people who are looking for good day care centers where they can leave their children while they go to work in the office.

Offering accounting and bookkeeping services to small companies around your neighborhood would be a good idea if you have good accounting skills. They are many people who do not like balancing their own books of accounts so you got yourself a big market for your services.
Medical transcription is increasingly becoming a good home business for people who are familiar with medical terms, have a good command of the English language and can type fast. Usually, medical transcription pays very well and you could have a good full time income while staying at home with the kids.
Network marketing is popular among people who are good at building a team. Many people are earning very good income from networking marketing.
Catering is a good business for stay at home parents who love to cook. There are so many people who do not have time to cook their own meals especially when they are entertaining visitors so if you are a good cook, you can easily build a good number of loyal customers.
Freelance writing is good for those who have the talent with words. There are many opportunities for those who can write a good story. Magazines usually pay their writers well so you can aim for those magazines if you want to earn well doing freelance writing.
Freelance typing is a good idea for people who can type fast. There is no shortage of those companies outsourcing typing jobs.

Medical claims billing is a good business for those stay at home parents who have financial backgrounds.
Publishing an ebook would be a good idea for those stays at home parents who love to write.
Stay at home parents who have special skills, you may find other more lucrative home businesses than those mentioned in the top 10 home business opportunities. The good thing is, whether or not you work on one of those top 10 home businesses, is that you enjoy what you are doing and you earn good income to contribute to the family coffers.