Commercial Loans or Equity Capital - Decide Carefully

by : Aisha Cristal

Business funding is crucial for the success of your business endeavours. You cannot afford to go wrong in selecting the type of funding that is fit according to the business circumstances and requirements. As we know that there are various types of business models and they all have different requirements. There cannot be a universal source of funding that can be related to all business models.

Sole proprietors are known to face most financial difficulties in arranging for the business funds since they do not have all the resources at their disposal. Even borrowing amount has got limitations as only one person's credibility and borrowing power is involved. Next expansive stage comes when few people join and form a partnership business. This type of business can raise relatively large amount of money.

In case of body corporate, the equity funding is often resorted to. This type of funding means that public in general is invited to contribute in the form of shareholding, and as a result, a large amount of money can be raised under this method. Contrary to that, there is debt funding or commercial loans meant to augment the business resources and push you on the way to growth. Debt carries the burden of monthly instalments, interest rates, strict terms and conditions, etc., whether or not you have positive cash flow. Therefore, you should be little careful when deciding for the source of finance.

Suitability factor has to be kept in mind when selecting the type of funding source. Obviously, a small business in its nascent stage cannot afford to go for a public issue of shares and stock. Even otherwise, as the business expands, equity holders expect more say in the day to day operations of the company. These people invest on the gamble of very high returns. Commercial loans, on the other hand, are usually available to all types of businesses - small or big, new or old. But, equity funding is suitable to businesses where there is a very high growth potential.

Commercial loans as available with the UK lenders are really convenient for small to medium-sized businesses. These loans can be used for end numbers of business requirements. If you are ready to secure these loans by offering some property, you can raise upto ?250,000. You can compare secured loans as available with different lenders so that you can get the best cheap deal for your business. These loans are available on the Internet and there are many lenders that accept and process your loan application in a very quick time. As business needs are always urgent, therefore, applying through online medium is a better option.