Tax Impacts of Home Based Business Opportunities

by : elias

Many entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a home based business are confused about the tax impacts of their entreprenurial opportunity. In addition every country has different rules about what can be claimed as part of your tax claim. While we will cover a few of the tax impacts associated with home based business opportunities in this article, many business owners should consider hiring an accountant to assist them with the completion of their tax statements.

There are many expenses that are associated with home based business opportunities and they will vary based on the business that you are involved in. The first basic rule is to obtain receipts for all of your expenses, even if you are unsure about whether they can be claimed or not. Your accountant will assist you in deciding whether these expenses can be claimed or not against your business.

Evaluation of the many different opportunities that you consider and any expenses associated with this activity can also generally be included. However at some point you must be able to show some income and make a profit, other wise many tax agencies will question the validity of your business.

Once you have reviewed all of the business opportunities and settled on one, all of your start up expenses, the purchase of raw materials and even a portion of your homes expenses can usually be claimed against the cost of running your business. One rule of thumb is to measure the space in terms of square feet or square meters that you are using for your business and calculate the percentage of your entire homes space that you are using. For example if your home is 2000 square feet and your office is set up in one of the bedrooms that is 200 square feet then you can usually claim up to 10% of all of the expenses associated with maintaining your home.

This expense is usually independent of the home based business opportunities that you consider. So for example you can include 10% of the electricity, the water, the cost of heating etc as part of your business expense. Dedicated expenses such as business phones etc. can be claimed as 100 % of the cost. Even home improvement expenses such as a new roof, new furnace if you need one can be claimed using the percentage that you calculated.

While these expenses can be claimed and you should have your accountant review everything, your main focus of course is always about generating revenue for your business. Once you have been through the start of your business, focus on generating revenue so that your chosen home business will be successful.