Varieties of Office Chairs

by : Brooke Theresa

An office chair is an integral part of a professional's life. A major part of the day of a working individual is spent on that chair. A chair is not just a piece of furniture, but also speaks volumes about the stature and authority of the individual occupying it. By looking at a person's chair, one can mostly make out whether the occupant is a lower, middle or a top level executive. Not only this, the chair, at times, can also be indicative of the nature of duties of the individual.

There are various kinds of office desks and chairs available in the market. In an office set up, one gets to view various kinds of chairs that adorn the place. Office chairs can also be classified on the basis of the material used in their manufacturing. The most popular varieties of chairs used in offices are:

1. Operator or Task chairs are used commonly by employees in middle or lower executive level. They are chairs with wheels (casters) and with the ability to swivel, hence making them the most popular chairs used in present day workplaces. Mostly, these chairs are not specific to a person's designation; hence, they may be used by different kinds of employees. The height of these chairs is adjustable to suit the convenience and comfort of the employee.

2. Executive Fabric office chairs are similar to Operator chairs but have better padding and a reclining back. These two features considerably increase the comfort level of the chair.

3. Though most chairs are equipped with a reclining back, special Reclining chairs are usually bigger in size, better padded, besides the reclining feature. Some are even designed with a foot rest for extra comfort.

4. Top level executives prefer an Executive office chair that has a longer back, bigger arm rests and usually of leather. They are heavily padded and provide tremendous comfort.

5. Visitor or Guest chairs usually do not have wheels as visitors are required to remain stationary. They are usually simple chairs and reasonably comfortable.

It is up to the organisation to decide what kinds of chairs are required and in what numbers. There are numerous styles, varieties, fabrics and price ranges to choose from when it comes to buying an office chair, but the foremost thing to be kept in mind is the employee's comfort.